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FREE Domestic SHIPPING ON $60+

Fostering a love for His word and encouraging new growth in Jesus.

Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, our goal is to inspire you and strengthen your connection to His word. As you attend worship or listen to podcasts, we hope you use our thoughtfully designed notebooks to write what is most meaningful to you and your walk with God.

As part of our goal to encourage you in your relationship with the Lord, we aspire to be like Him in service by partnering with Sacred Selections, an adoption foundation dedicated to financially aiding Christian parents in bringing children into loving homes. After walking through her own difficult fertility journey, our founder, April Foster, discovered Sacred Selections through a friend when she was pregnant with their first child. Touched by their mission, she wishes to help others fund their adoption processes and grow beautiful God-centered families, thus a portion of our proceeds will be donated to Sacred Selections.

  • 100% of Sacred Selections’ proceeds go directly toward adoption grants
  • Almost 400 adoptions have been funded to date

Sacred Selections' Adoption Stories

Meet The Bowen Family

It’s hard to put into words our gratitude for a program that has so richly blessed our family. We are forever grateful to Sacred Selections. The adoption of our twin daughters would not have been possible without their prayers, support and financial assistance. There is no greater calling than to help connect children with their forever families. It is our sincerest hope that this good work continues. We are honored to be part of the Sacred Selections Family.

Meet The Broadwell Family

Adoption has always been something we wanted to pursue, and through Sacred Selections, we have brought two beautiful babies into our family. Two years ago, we received a phone call from Dana, the founder of Sacred Selections, that a baby boy in our hometown needed a home that very day.  We jumped at the opportunity and couldn't have imagined what a blessing Clayton would be to us! A year and a half later, we pursued another adoption while we were pregnant , but the birth mother changed her mind once the baby was born.  Several months later, we received another call that a baby girl in our hometown needed a home that week…Clayton’s full biological sister, Ella! We are confident the Lord has His hand in our family’s entire story.

Sacred Selections, and its supporters, helped bring another great blessing into our life and what we believe will be an invaluable source of blessing and assurance to both Clayton and Ella in their lives. It is a moving thought to us when we think that Ella will get to grow up with her biological brother and little sister, Adelyn, who was born a few months after Ella.

Thank you for reading our story. You can truly change the life of a child and a family by supporting Sacred Selections. You will be supporting orphans, but most importantly, loving the Lord and living out His love towards others!

Meet The Smith Family

Sacred Selections meant that we could start (and expand) our family starting from the beginning with an overwhelming network of support and lifting the burden that there was a team of people helping and supporting us with meeting this financial responsibility. The reassurance that this brings to a family at a time as fragile as an adoption is unexplainable. Sacred Selections allowed us to be able to focus and support our birthmother(s) because there was a team behind us- a team that still rally’s together for the cause of “the babies”. We are forever grateful to Sacred Selections.

Meet The Lankford Family 

For our family, Sacred Selections has been an answer to many prayers. All four of our children have been a welcome addition to our family, but we were not always certain how we could pay the adoption expenses and legal fees. With the help and encouragement of Sacred Selections, the financial hurdles of adoption were overcome so that we could concentrate on each precious child.

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